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Solutions (3)

We offer beverages processing solutions for various products:

  1. Milk products i.e. milk, yogurt.
  2. Wine
  3. Beer & Cider.
  4. Juices
  5. Mineral water – still and sparkling water.

Some of the solutions:

Syrup room

Premix Group

CIP (Cleaning in Place)

Filtration systems

Pasteurizing system

Storage tanks




We provide broilers solutions for commercial production of broiler chickens.

An idea of 8 broilers houses with efficiency and profitability:

Most often, our distance between trusses is 3,00 m to allow easy and accurate installation of the equipment directly on the steel portals (every 3,00 m) by using self-drilling screws and a steel bracket.
This bay spacing offers possibility to change/adjust spacing between feeder and drinker lines. The footing loads and layout drawing are sent before the start of the civil work.

The structure in 100% in painted steel1and composed of C, Z and L shapes’s profiles to do the columns, purlin and truss.
The steel1 frame is fully bolted in situ by 8.8 quality hexagonal galvanized bolts.


A specificity of the buildings is that the steel frame is totally invisible from inside as we consider that a poultry building must be easy to clean and to disinfect.
That means all surfaces must be made of painted steel, be as smooth as possible and easily accessible with a high pressure washer. Steel frames will allow installation of chimneys.
The roofing is made of corrugated trapezoidal lacquered steel sheets2. All self-drilling-screws and fixation caps are galvanized + painted.
The structure will have reinforcement to allow the 7 chimney’s installation.

Ceiling has a flat middle portion to reduce cross section of the house and thus allowing energy savings on the ventilation and on heating fuel. The minimum high is 2,60 m and maximum about 3,65 m.
The ceiling is made of corrugated lacquered metal sheets installed lengthwise (main air flow direction). Ceiling is fixed every 3,00 m against the web trusses.
Between the ceiling sheets and the steel frame, we add a insulator (2 cm polystyrene) to break the thermal bridge between structure and ceiling (thermal bridge appears with steel-steel contact between the ceiling sheets and the truss).
Between ceiling and roofing, 150 mm of glass wool to provide an insulation value of K = 0,28 W/m²°C All.

The first 50 cm of the side walls are done in concrete wall made in situ by the civil work contractor of the customer but in agreement with the beraat supervisor in terms of position, quality and planning.
Over this concrete wall, 2,10m of PUR sandwich panel of 5 cm thick will close hermetically the side.

On front gable, an outside technical room of 3 m x 3 m is in full sandwich panel of (5 cm thick) and will fit over a prefab concrete wall of 50 cm high (made locally by civil work contractor under management of our supervisor).

All doors are full insulated, full lacquered and with 1 set of master keys for all doors.

The full high of the house is in sandwich panel of 5 cm thick. It will close hermetically the side walls.
Against this sandwich panel wall, a PVC board protection of 50 cm high to protect the panel. The panel shield is casted into the concrete slab. Wall/concrete junction is waterproofed with a 1.5m polyethylene canvas folded between insulated panel and PVC panel.
This innovative solution allows:
· Better insulation and air tightness in the exact birds’ living area
· Bio security improvement with an easy to clean and repair material
· Substantial savings on concrete work

The Best Performing Single Stage Incubation System in the World

In commercial and breeder production, the Beraat Single Stage Incubation System is the leader in reliability, high hatchability, bio-security and ease of operation.
Discover why the Beraat Symphony line, ChickMaster's next generation of Beraat setters and hatchers, is the ideal investment and best performing incubation system on the market. Over 20 operational and structural improvements, including high-efficiency corrugated cooling coils, more durable trolleys, a more efficient water distribution system, greater corrosion resistance and larger windows, are now standard features on all Beraat models.


Uniform Airflow: The Key to Successfully Managing the Incubation Process

  • Designed for maximum airflow between egg trays, with a single trolley between the fan and the wall.
  • Trays are perpendicular to the paddle fan, forming a clear air pathway that results in uniform temperatures over each egg.
  • Bi-directional paddle fan blades ensure consistent and uniform temperature distribution in the entire setter.


True Modular Design for Accurate Zonal Control
- Individual temperature zone control adapts to the needs of each flock to optimize hatchability and uniformity

- Uniform airflow allows controlled moisture loss throughout the entire egg mass One- to four-zone systems provide complete control of temperature, humidity,
and airflow dynamics in each section of the setter.

- 4 or 6 trolleys per zone allow custom configuration to meet any desired production capacity.

Unique Turning Options

Each trolley has a direct connection with your choice of floor- or roof-turning
mechanism, to ensure a consistent turning angle for every egg tray

'S' series floor-turning system is easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance, and is standard on Avida Symphony and Avida S models

Roof-turning system allows for maintenance from the outside of the cabinet
and is standard on Avida T models.

The Most Energy-Efficient Incubation System on the Market

The only system to offer energy savings with dual-use, high efficiency corrugated coils for both heating and cooling.

Fan motors equipped with variable frequency drive (VFD) for adjustable speed, bidirectional rotation and energy efficiency.

Molded dampers and press-on gaskets provide a better seal, allowing for accurate control of temperature, humidity, airflow and CO2 levels

Ave Latest Liquid bottling unit

In the 90s the growth of the market for fresh milk and cold and hot fill juices into PET and HDPE containers have encouraged AVE Technologies to develop some new EFS filling systems suitable to increase the shelf life of these products. The new generation of the EFS ELITE system can assure a compact dimension to facilitate the insertion of the filling block in the existing lines thanks to:
- one turret for the decontamination of the container through the atomization with peroxide and steam or with peracetic solution, that are integrated with the the filling group.
- setting of a cap decontamination system with high intensity UV lamps and pulsed light.   

The new Elite system is the result of the experience of our Research Department to guarantee the quality of the products.
Our systems for bottle and cap decontamination can assure an accurate result.


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