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Solutions (4)

1. NH-UNIBLOC EFS 24R / 24 SI / 6VP - Electronic Filling machine



2. Hot melt machine


Complete dairy Solutions

Receiving groups

Pasteurization Systems

Deodorization systems

Packaging solutions

We offer beverages processing solutions for various products:

  1. Milk products i.e. milk, yogurt.
  2. Wine
  3. Beer & Cider.
  4. Juices
  5. Mineral water – still and sparkling water.

Some of the solutions:

Syrup room

Premix Group

CIP (Cleaning in Place)

Filtration systems

Pasteurizing system

Storage tanks



Ave Latest Liquid bottling unit

In the 90s the growth of the market for fresh milk and cold and hot fill juices into PET and HDPE containers have encouraged AVE Technologies to develop some new EFS filling systems suitable to increase the shelf life of these products. The new generation of the EFS ELITE system can assure a compact dimension to facilitate the insertion of the filling block in the existing lines thanks to:
- one turret for the decontamination of the container through the atomization with peroxide and steam or with peracetic solution, that are integrated with the the filling group.
- setting of a cap decontamination system with high intensity UV lamps and pulsed light.   

The new Elite system is the result of the experience of our Research Department to guarantee the quality of the products.
Our systems for bottle and cap decontamination can assure an accurate result.


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